Unpainted jig heads, red #2 sickle hook on all sizes

$2.50 per bag,,,,,,,,,10 per bag

We have 1/16, 1/8, 1/4 ounce

​$10 per bag of 50

Painted jig heads, same #2 red sickle hook on all sizes.

Orange               $3.50 per bag,,,,,,,,10 per bag

Char                          1/16, 1/8, 1/4 once

Yellow/Char        $15.00 per bag of 50




​​Bandit 3" series 

Black Char

Orange Char

Pink Char

Blue Char

Red Char

Our most popular jig colors

$3.50 per bag,,,,,,12 per bag

$6.00 per bag,,,,,,25 per bag

​$20.00 per bag,,,,100 per bag

Please remember it is hard to take a picture and see the actual color. They are all rich and bright.

Dixon Outdoors

Home of the Swarm Jig!!  

Celebrating 10 years.



​​Black Char

Red Char

​White Char

Purp Char

Blue Char

Orange Char

Green Char


Pink Char

Red Red flake

Pink Smoke

Pink White

Char Halo

Char Smoke

Original Swarm 2" series

Black Pink

Blue White

Purple white

Char Orange

Pink White

Nihilater 4 per bag

photos coming soon.


Pearl white


Pearl Char

Char/black flake

Blood shad

Pearl white/ char tail

Clear blue flake

Red White

Purp White

Blue White

Char Orange

Char Brown (no longer avail)

Black Orange

Black Pink

Brown Char

Blue Halo

Red Halo

Black Halo

Pink Halo

Char Char flake