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Our Story

     There's no​thing like fishing with your father, grandfather when growing up. I was fortunate enough to do just that. My dad (Richard Dixon) was a competitive bass angler when I was young, fishing BASS, Mid-America, and several other circuits that have since diminished over the past 35 years. For 9 months out of the year we traveled to lakes in Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and other states as my dad and grandfather (Clinton Dixon) chased bass. I learned the love of fishing at a young age and was surrounded by it for many years. As time passed, dad lost his interest of competitive fishing, but not fishing itself. To this day, my family still loves a good fishing/camping trip. Dad, Mom (Mary Dixon), my wife (Penny), our children and grandchildren go whenever we can. These days we concentrate mostly on crappie. We will fish for about anything about anywhere, but there's nothing like a good limit of crappie taken from Truman or Lake of the Ozark's. With the help of several people, including my brother (Brad), dad, sons (Randy, Jake & Gabe),and friend Steve McMullin who is a machinist an idea came to be. I was tired of the jigs on the market available to me and decided to create my own. My dad and brother have a machine shop. Steve doing most of the leg work, helped me machine a mold that would be the start of SWARM JIGS. These were supposed to be just for us, but has since grown. Bottom line is........They Work!! They are solid, yet soft. They stay on the hook and allow for more fishing time. Give them a try, you will be satisfied.

    I could not have done this without the help of so many family and friends, and for that I am thankful! One man started it all though, and to that I want to thank my dad most of all!     Thanks Dad.